Red Drum Pottery A Story Since 1993

In the spring of 1993 Rhonda Bates a renowned painter and potter starting selling her works on Ocracoke Island and Red Drum Pottery was born. She named it Red Drum Pottery for Rhonda was a famous Red Drum Fisherman tagging and releasing 83 citation (over 42”) Red Drum in the period of one year. With that kind of fame the name speaks for itself. She worked out of a tiny little garage that folks had to walk down a sand path to find Rhonda’s work and her signature Red Drum pattern that is in kitchens and living rooms worldwide today and yours if you buy a piece.

The years went happily by and on July 4th of 1998 Rhonda met her true love Wes Lassiter a famous banjoist and Sport fishing Captain. Wes had no idea about clay but knew he had fallen in love with her and her lifestyle. He began spending weekends with Rhonda, and began showing and teaching Wes about clay which he took to fairly quickly. Although Rhonda having a degree from the prestigious Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, she began attending numerous workshops and they developed numerous ideas including the “best kept Russian Secret”. (Now we know what you are thinking but we have been stealing Russian secrets long before they were from us). Rhonda made Wes marry her at that point for either he did or not get out alive.
In all seriousness it was the key to all 600 plus relief tiles and over 100 different ornaments that are made here.

In addition Rhonda and Wes enjoy making, creating and performing original music in their theater during certain parts of the season.

So thanks for stopping in and we look forward to you looking at our work!! We proudly look forward to you looking in both our galleries in Frisco and Manteo. We hope you will take a piece home with you.
~Written in the 2nd and 3rd person by Wes Lassiter